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Kiribati Outer Island Transport Infrastructure Investment Project

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The Government of Kiribati (GOK) is seeking funding from the World Bank for the Kiribati Outer Islands Transport Infrastructure Investment Project (KOITIIP) to improve the connectivity, safety and climate resilience of transport infrastructure on Selected Outer Islands. The project implementation timeline is six years with a total investment of US$42 million, of which World Bank IDA financing of US$ 30 million and ADB financing of US$ 12million. The KOITIIP has four components: (i) Component 1: Safe Inter-Island Navigation, (ii) Component 2: Resilient Outer Island Access Infrastructure; (iii) Component 3: Strengthening the Enabling Environment; and (iv) Component 4: Contingent Emergency Response.

Social and environmental safeguards documents were prepared as part of the project preparation and are as follows: (i) Resettlement Framework (RF); (ii) Stakeholder engagement Plan (ECP); and (iii) Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).

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