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PV Solar Off Grid Power System Rural Communities Church Headquarters Project

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This Church Headquarters solar project is funded under the Government of Canada through its Canada fund for Local Initiatives. The Government of Kiribati through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy - Energy Planning Unit works together with Government of Canada in establishing the project for rural community solar project. The aim of this project is to provide a 24/7 hr secure, reliable and affordable electricity services to the church communities headquarter in the rural community in the outer islands. This is the first ever project that EPU and Canada work together to improved the lifestyle and provide electricity to the people of Kiribati in Outer Island. Under this project there are two church headquarters covered namely:

  1. Catholic Church headquarter, Buariki in South Tabiteuea Islands and

  2. Catholic Church headquarter, Rungata Village in Nikunau Islands.

The beneficiaries from this project are members of the Catholic church communities in Tabiteuea South and Nikunau Island. The whole island members as families can rent electrified meeting hall for hosting family functions and other community functions.

All the funds received from Canada are monitored and overlooked by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Canada contribute the amount of $99,999 AUD while GoK contribute the amount of $11,350.00 AUD as in kind. The system commissioning is completed on the 10th March 2018.

Main information


Key Actions /Objectives

Aim of this project is to install a 4kWp Single phase Solar off grid power system to a rural community church headquarters in the Outer Islands to provides a 24/7 hr affordable, reliable and clean energy source to all church headquarters amenities.


Project Coordinator

This project is funded by Government of Canada and coordinated by MISE EPU.


Contact Person name

Energy Planner and Rural Energy Planner are main contact person in this project.


Contact person email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Partners


Church headquarters in Outer Islands.


Major Components

Site Survey, System Design, MOU signing, Tender Evaluation, Mid-Term Report Presentation, Installation and training, Commissioning and handling over, Monitoring and Evaluation and Closing Final Report Presentation.


Design or Implementation status

This project implemented at two sites which are Catholic Headquarter on Tabiteuea South and another is catholic church headquarter on Nikunau Island. It is a pilot project where result will be duplicate to the rest of the islands. It is now completed and under observation.



Church communities are the beneficiaries of this project where providing lights to the amenities such as women centers, meeting halls and church and others can bring safe environment during the night when there is a function happening. This project is implemented to ensure the safety of women and children.



The project is executed within one year this is regard the donor policy.



$99,999.00 CAD


Donor/Financial supporter

Government of Canada.


Project’s results

Please, specify the main results of your project.


Result 1




Photo: Buariki, Tab South Control room. This is a solar power inverters that were installed at Tab South Catholic Church headquarter.


Result 2


Photo: This is the control room at Nikunau Site.





Limited time given by the donor to complete the project is a very challenging task to do since limited number of staffs available during the execution of the project. Logistic arrangement such as shipping for delivering and domestic bookings are the most challenging activities since domestic flights are always fully booked.

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