Handing Over of Nippon Causeway to the Government of Kiribati

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The ceremony of a completed two-year Nippon Causeway construction was officially handed over to the government of Kiribati on the 17th April at Tenimanraoi Mwaneaba, Betio. The celebration not only marks the completion of the hard work undertaken by teams from both Japan and Kiribati which has resulted in the improved connectivity between villages but also strengthens and deepens the integration with the Government and people of Japan.

The approximate total expense for Nippon causeway was estimated to reach the amount of $49 million AUD. Special thanks and deep appreciation to CTI Engineering International & Ides, Resident Supervisor Chiba san, Dai Nippon Construction Project Manager, Furuichi san, all CTI staff and DNC staff and local people who have labored hard towards the completion of this project.

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